Our Turnkey CCM

The Turnkey CCM Solution

The most impressive, clinically proven CCM solution available.  A full service, turn key solution with EMR/EHR integration providing you with updated information daily and complete medical team access across the medical treatment team from PCP to specialist.  

The system also tracks and documents Advanced Care Planning, Transitional Care Management and Care Plan Oversight to ensure you are properly reimbursed for the work you perform for your chronic care patients.  

Clinically Proven Solution - Our unique offering is designed to deliver enhanced outcomes to your patients and their caregivers. Our pro-active CCM solution has delivered enormous clinically proven results including 26% reduction in A1C levels in Diabetes patients and reduced unplanned admissions.

Superior Enrollment - We use proven methodology to streamline and maximize patient enrollment to your CCM program.

Enhanced Engagement - We provide the state-of-the art capabilities and support systems to amplify the patient engagement to levels unseen in any patient portal technologies to date. We have higher than 50% of patients who login to self-report their health data.


Unsurpassed EHR/EMR Connectivity - Connectivity to over 700 EMR platforms gives you have access to your patient's data directly from your EMR so you can stay abreast of their condition and obtain the information you need to complete your complex CMS reporting standards.  

Complete Care Team Access - The entire care team network that is part of the health care plan for the patient can access data to ensure the healthcare plan is achieving the correct results for the patient and make adjustments if needed.  

Turnkey Solution - We provide a medical staffing to stay in contact with your patient daily so you can focus on the care you need to provide to your patients.  

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