Risk Prediction

Our Predictive Risk Solution

Our predictive risk solution is an industry leader with the most comprehensive solution in the industry and is designed to provide full information interchange among the patient medical team in every healthcare spectrum.  It is a full-service solution designed to accurately assess patient illness risk severity and provide full array of information that allows you to provide a 5 year health plan to curb the risk of the disease and allow your patients the ability to live a longer, fuller life.  

Our predictive risk solution is currently available to Medicare Part B patients and will soon expand far beyond that limited patient sector.  Key benefits of using this turnkey, full-service solution include:

  • Pre-qualification of Medicare patient lists ensuring CMS reimbursement 
  • Reports to you that identify which patients qualify for AWVs and why disqualified patients do not
  • Marketing materials are customized for your facility 
  • You choose appointment scheduling days and times and their staff contacts and schedules your qualified patients leaving your workflow unaffected
  • Their medically licensed staff even administer the assessment in a room or rooms that you designate in your facility
  • Revenues average over $170 completed per assessment creating an additional monthly revenues over $59,000 based on a single room fully scheduled daily 
  • The assessment creates additional follow up visits and lab testing (if applicable) which can further increase your revenues
  • The system comes with a guarantee that your assessments will pass a CMS audit leaving you worry free
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