Middleware has been the answer to some of the most complex, data intensive IT environments in the world.  It is the proven solution to secure, real-time data sharing capabilities worldwide for decades.  

What is Middleware?

Middleware is a software platform that sits in between the operating system (OS) of a computer system/network and the applications that reside on that computer or network.  It provides the ability for the computer to share information with other computers using different software.  

A common language interpreter and an information bus interpret the data into a common computer language so computers can read and write to each other regardless of computer or application software.


Middleware in emergency management

Middleware has been helping provide us critical services every day.  Emergency command centers use it to communicate with different agencies using different software systems to seamlessly share information and notify us when extreme weather conditions approach or when a catastrophe strikes.

If a terror attack happens it is middleware that allows differing software solutions run by law enforcement and security agencies to share information to more rapidly ascertain what has happened, how it happened and who is responsible.  


Middleware in Banking

Banking and financial services is one of the most complex environments in the world.  Speed, scalability, security are just a few key elements in creating and operating a secure international financial system.  Banks around the world don't use the same software vendor, yet you can access your account globally.  How? 

The banking and financial industry use middleware to interconnect the various bank software systems to create an interoperable environment.  It is the middleware that allows you to use your ATM or credit card at any ATM machine in the world and securely access your bank account to check your account balance or withdraw money.  

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