About Us


HealthTech Global Holdings, LLC is a software advisory firm that assists medical facilities in understanding the gaps that exist within their current software systems.  Many healthcare organizations today are needlessly spending millions to hundreds of millions of dollars to become interoperable.  

We fully understand that interoperability plays a significant role in profitability, patient care and patient outcomes.  However, a complete rip and replace of the existing EMR/EHR systems is not always the answer.  There are more effective and efficient systems that exist today that not only make your EMR/EHR interoperable, but also provide connectivity to the entire spectrum including information from an EMR/EHR that you don't even own.  

These systems provide near real-time (within seconds) information on the patients entire medical history.  Most importantly, these systems are a minute fraction of the cost of replacing your EMR/EHR and provide flexibility, scalability and the ability to internally customize the system without the need to pay high dollar consultants.  

Coupling interoperability with powerful turn key predictive patient assessment tools and chronic care management systems, you have the ability to create revenues, higher levels of patient care and greatly improved patient outcomes.  

We look forward to learning about your needs and assisting you in determining how you can become more efficient, profitable and compliant while creating better patient outcomes, lowering costs and reducing patient re-admissions.  

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