New Frontiers

Creating solutions, new technologies & products to help commerce and mankind

Data Interoperability

True, secure, real-time data interoperability for industry

Annual Wellness Visit

Health risk assessment and population management for elderly patients

Chronic Care Management

Non-face to face medical access with data input direct to EHR/EMR

Smoke & Odor Removal

Using science to eliminate organic odors permanently

The Mission

HealthTech Global Holdings, LLC was created for the purpose of bringing solutions to industry that truly impact commerce and the lives of humanity.  By providing better solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges, we will create jobs, help industry streamline operations, transform data into actionable information and save consumers and corporations billions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures.

By creating better solutions, we aim to help others and make a true impact in our world.  As we continue our journey to seek out other provable solutions that we can acquire, license or introduce to the market, we will expand our portfolio and our capability to fulfill our mission.

Stay tuned.  We are just getting started.

Our Team

Our key executives bring a diverse set of skills to the HTG Holdings.  Our shared passions to make a difference, change lives, improve commerce and create jobs permeates through our corporate culture.

Robert Storch
Cynthia Reed-Robinson
Connor Storch
Viorel Festinger
Robert Storch

Robert Storch


As Chairman and CEO I have a have a passion to improve our country and the lives of those who live here.  We review every project with a keen eye to keep our focus on our main objectives and strive to bring to products and technologies to the forefront of their industry.

Our corporate by-laws strive to give back to as well and we are bound by those by-laws to give 10% of our profits to charitable causes every quarter.

We are always seeking to find the best and that will never end.

Cynthia Reed-Robinson

Chief Executive Officer

Our legacy will be built on the companies and products that we acquire and represent.  We will keep our focus on our main mission of finding solutions to the some of societies greatest issues and strive to improve the lives of our countrymen and those around the globe.

Connor Storch

Connor Storch

Director of Strategic Implementation

Our vision of creating a company that excels at its objectives is our primary goal. We strive continuously to create new solutions and better products to help improve our customers lives and humanity as a whole.

We are streamlining old commercial and healthcare processes, modernizing outdated data structures and processes while creating additional employment opportunities.

Viorel Festinger

Viorel Festinger

Global Corporate Advisor

We are a company driven to finding solutions that make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.  As our portfolio of companies and products grow we will always seek solutions to problems that help our country and its citizenry.